My bird or deer has a large hole is it ok for mounting?

We will need to examine it in person.

How long will my mount last in the freezer?

Every freezer is different.  Some will last months and others many.... years!

Should I use pantyhose or vacuum sealed bags on my birds for mounting?

PLEASE don't ūüôĀ ¬†The Pantyhose myth I believe was thought up by the owner of Leggs Pantyhose. ¬†This does absolutely no good and it can actually stick to the feathers and make it more difficult to remove. ¬†Use a Freezer Ziploc or Black heavy duty outdoor Trash Bag. ¬†¬†And, we ask that you Do NOT vacuum seal your trophies. ¬†This along with a little blood or other body fluids can increase staining and make a criss-cross pattern that is very difficult to remove.

Where I am hunting I do not have a freezer or walk in cooler.

Place your trophy in a freezer or outdoor black heavy trash bag inside a cooler. 

Next pack ice on all sides and close cooler and/or cover with a thick blanket and tie or strap shut.  Keep in the shade if possible.  You will need to keep replacing the ice as it melts.  (LEAVE the bag Open until the hide or trophy is cold; otherwise you will trap the heat in and promote slipping.)

Do I need to gut my bird for mounting?

Please don't.  Tuck the head inside the wing against the breast and freeze.


How do I cape my deer for a shoulder mount?

Start in front of rear legs and tube it towards the head.  Do not split anything!  Leave leg skin connected only cut off the joint at the knee on the inside.  Continue skinning towards the head and cut the neck off.  Do NOT split the legs, or back, chest or anywhere.  Keep the entire cape in tube form and freeze immediately if not dropping off.  Save as much of the cape as possible just in case you choose a pose that goes further back.  

We offer the traditional shoulder mounts, grand master, heavy muscle, wall pedestal and life size ūüôā

How do I protect my mount and keep it nice and clean?

We recommend three things to avoid on your mount.

  • UV rays - Keep out of direct sun light. ¬†Also, use LED bulbs for lighting.

  • Dust - Get a feather duster and wipe your mount gently going with the hair or feathers in the direction they lay. (moving from the head towards the tail)

  • Smoke - If you can keep your mounts out of smoke it will also prevent aging and discoloration.