building.jpgB&S Taxidermy is located in the "Goose Hunting Capital of the World" Eagle Lake, Texas.  Hunters migrate along with the migratory waterfowl to Eagle Lake for the ultimate Goose and Duck Hunting experience.  B&S Taxidermy is owned by Taxidermist Bobby Wied, a life-long resident of Eagle Lake and wife Shelly.  We are open every day during hunting season.  If we are not in, customers and visitors may reach us by phone anytime.

B&S Taxidermy recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary in their downtown Eagle Lake location.  Young and old, including the non-outdoor enthusiast, enjoy visiting our 2400 square
foot studio to view many hundreds of different species.  We strive to make our customers happy with the preservation of their trophy.  Customers may choose the mount style and include habitat if desired.  Some prefer a very basic mount on a panel or cedar tumbled driftwood.  Others like the very explicit habitat scenes with natural vegetation and or
water with splashes.  

Our consistent track record of providing quality mounts brings our clients back to us repeatedly.  You may contact us anytime at 979-234-2473 or email us.  Specimens may be mailed in for mounting.  They must be accompanied by a Wildlife Resource Document.  Please click on the link below to print and complete yours to mail along with your trophy.  Items need to be shipped overnight and on a Monday; arrangements and confirmation of your shipment must be made prior
to shipping.

Ship to:
B & S Taxidermy

221 East Main Street
Eagle Lake, TX 77434

We look forward to preserving your trophies and memories! Please call for our competitive prices to preserve your trophy.

Wildlife Resource Document (PDF)
Adobe Reader is required to read this document. Click here to download.

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